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A gift that I want everyone to receive.

13 Dec

Today is different. Today is new. There has been a change.

It’s not the 28 degree weather or my last haircut or that I have a phone that actually works now.

It’s that every morning is a new day and I have been showered with God’s mercy and grace.

WHAT?  Let me explain…We are saved by grace, through our faith. Grace is what God offers all of us. We don’t deserve it because we are all sinners which is why it is also called “saving grace” or “unmerited favor.” From God’s grace comes mercy. The grace of God comes to us when we have faith in him and offers us mercy.

Mercy from what exactly?? Mercy from the wrath of God and the pit of Hell that we deserve because of our sin.

Gosh, doesn’t that sound scary? It does to me, it really, really does. It bothers me that some people do not know about God or maybe they do, but don’t understand this concept. Salvation is a gift and there has never been a more appropriate time of year to talk about it than right now.

Again, salvation is a gift from God – not something that you can get by the things you do or any other way. It’s in the bible people, Ephesians 2:4-9. Without God’s grace and mercy the payment for our sins is death. We can’t be saved by following rules and trying to be a good person, or by following religious ceremonies, regulations or performing so many good deeds.

We don’t have to do things to be close to God or gain his respect or “feel his presence.” God is not a legal entity forcing us to do things! God is all around us, he is next to us even now as I am writing this and as you are reading! He loves me and you and is always waiting on us. He is as far as the mention of his name. How amazing is that?!

I am so thankful that God has saved me and that he loves me so much to offer his grace and mercy.

Be Blessed, Adri